RE-VIEW – A Gift to Missionaries in Transition


by Elizabeth Wiley

Picture a Christ-centred retreat for missionary singles, couples and families who have opportunity for reflection, thoughtful sharing of experiences, prayer, and learning alongside experienced Canadian missionaries. Thanks to MissionPREP who offers this program and to the MORE Network (a ministry of Outreach Canada) who provides support, a 5-day retreat exists for that very thing. The first RE-VIEW retreat ( was held in November of 2016. Both Canadian organizations are faith-based and share a common desire to support missionaries and their families facing transitions. 

RE-VIEW is designed for missionaries who are repatriating but is also helpful for those on home ministry assignment desiring to process their mission experience before returning to the field. Some of the topics include:  navigating transitions, grief and loss, stress and burnout, identity in Christ and telling stories both wisely and honestly.  One afternoon is especially designed for families with children to help them process their missions experience together. 

While many mission agencies offer re-entry debriefing for returning missionaries, the difference with RE-VIEW is that it serves as a third-party resource with no claim of affiliation with any one mission or denomination. This creates a safe environment where support can be found for missionaries to honestly reflect and grow through their experience. RE-VIEW provides added value that enhances and builds on the work done by the sending agency. 

Ken & Carolyn Benson are the RE-VIEW Directors for the adult and children/youth programs respectively.  The lead adult facilitators are Paul & Libby Hooper (Wycliffe) and an experienced team of facilitators for the children & youth in age appropriate classes.  RE-VIEW is developed based on the principles acquired at Mission Training International’s Consultation on Debrief and Renewal (CODAR) program in Colorado. 

RE-VIEW is a gift to missionary families, couples, and singles as they navigate the transition journey that helps them look back to grow forward in healthy ways. 

MissionPREP welcomes any further enquiries by contacting them at: 416-840-5488