A wonderful evening at Families, Foods & Feuds


April 6, 2018


Abbotsford, BC

“Families, Foods and Feuds” was a huge success!

By 6:00 pm Northview Church’s Centre Court was almost full of the roughly 200 guests that would be present. It was an evening of reuniting old friends both in and outside the missionary community, as well as networking and initiating new relationships. Those attending consisted of a diverse population from around and near Abbotsford (BC) and included family, friends, and church members from many surrounding churches. There were those with missionary experience, as well as those who had little connection at all to the church or mission field. What unified every guest was a desire to know more about the MORE Network and its outreach to missionaries and missionary kids.

The dinner began with an introduction from Outreach Canada’s Executive Director, Craig Kraft, followed by a delicious catered turkey dinner, served family-style at each table to encourage conversation and relaxed, social dining. After dinner, Todd Wickens & Nate Bosch led a time of worship after which Paul Dyck, the National Team Leader of the MORE Network, got up and shared on the background of the ministry. Paul shared his MK background and spoke about what inspired the birth of ReBoot, the flourishing MK transition retreat offered in Eastern and Western Canada each summer. He also shared several touching stories of families and individuals who had been deeply impacted by Reboot’s services in their repatriation journey to Canada.







At the end of sharing Paul introduced Lizzy Wiley, an adult missionary kid (MK) who participated in the very first ReBoot offered back in 2013. Lizzy went on to describe her personal story of transition off the mission field in which she emphasised the impact that moving had on her personally, and how ReBoot gave her an invaluable foundation on which to begin building a life here in Canada.












After the break, the theme of missionary transition to Canada continued with a fun, laughter-filled presentation of the Family Feud game show.  Craig Kraft, the Director of Outreach Canada, played the role of game-show host to a handful of MK’s who served as contestants. The game was light and humorous, filled with dramatic cheering and booing from both game show participants and the audience. It was also eye-opening in revealing a glimpse into the lives and personal experiences of MKs from around the world. The game show topics ranged from light debate of the strangest food eaten overseas, to heart-wrenching and sobering conversation about loss and the emotional pain experienced through repatriation. The audience could be heard aw-ing, sniffling, laughing out loud and, at times, in complete reflective silence.


THE WOOs - Wise Old Owls


Greg Ouellette closed this time of personal sharing with prayer and an eloquent call for “genuine, generous and cheerful” giving towards the ministry. He stressed the value of giving out of joy and inspiration by the Holy Spirit knowing that all funds would go towards supporting transitioning missionaries and MKs. A short interlude allowed time for guests to pray and reflect on Greg’s call to give, and then spend some time being together in community around their tables.  

Upon conclusion of the program, final thanks were shared and conversations carried on well after the 9 pm scheduled ending. It had clearly been a successful evening of raising awareness for the ministry and touching hearts deeply and personally through the stories, entertainment, photos, prayers and conversations.

PAUL DYCK (MORE Network National Team Leader) 
& CRAIG KRAFT (Outreach Canada Director)