BC: Debriefing 101 Workshop - Stronger Together


Thursday, September 27, 2018 / 9am - 4pm


MB Mission - 4th floor - 32040 Downes Rd., Abbotsford, BC  V4X 1X5



Traveling back and forth between host country and home country, family issues, cultural issues, traumas experienced, amazing miracles experienced — all of these can leave global workers with a need to share. It is important to be ‘debriefed’ at significant times in life, and it is equally important to have personnel trained in debriefing.
Debriefing 101 will cover a basic introduction to the different types of debriefing and specific applications: 

1. Overview of Debriefing by Julie Simeon, YWAM: 

This session will cover a definition of debriefing, different types of debriefing, when debriefing is needed and the benefits of debriefing.

2. Personal Debriefing by Lori Nickel, MB Mission

The purpose and application of personal debriefing in a variety of settings and situations will be explored. The benefits and contributions that debriefing can make in the life and ministry of cross-cultural workers will be highlighted. Practice time for listening skills will be given for attendees so as to improve skills in becoming a more effective debriefer in your church or mission agency.

3. Team Debriefing by Ruth Maxwell, SIM

Most cross-cultural workers are part of a team. This session will look at potential scenarios that would benefit from team debriefings; discuss resources for team debriefing,  setting up the team debriefing event, and reasonable outcomes for a team debriefing event; practice at least one skill in team debriefing.

4. An introduction to Crisis Debriefing by Julie Simeon, YWAM

Sharing out of personal experience, Julie will explore what can be done initially after a crisis event.

5. Other content

All presenters will offer insight into self-care for debriefers.

This workshop is open for all Missionary Member Care workers, Missions Pastors, Church Missions Committee members, and all who would like to learn how to be a listening ear to global workers.
Skills in personal debriefing will be the emphasis.
There will be time for discussion, questions, and some practice of listening skills.