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MANITOBA: Debriefing 101 Workshop - Stronger Together


Saturday, June 22, 2019 / 9am - 5pm


Providence University College and Seminary - 10 College Crescent  Otterburne, MB

NEW discounted registration price

(see details below)

Sponsored by:

Prairie Centre for Cross Cultural Care





A part of the "Stronger Together" Missionary Care Training Series.


This workshop is interactive, experiential and skill-building, with the objective that each person attending will know the why and HOW of debriefing end-of-term cross cultural workers.

An overview of Debriefing for those involved or wanting to learn how to debrief cross-cultural workers. Geared towards people in the church, people in mission agencies, missionaries themselves, and workers who are engaged in resourcing and caring for missionaries.

While the focus of this debriefing training is on missionary and MK care and support, it is applicable to effective relationships in other settings as well. 




NEW registration pricing:
~ $90/person or $180/couple
Registration open until day of event - June 22


Includes lunch, coffee breaks and other resources.
FREE registration for 5 MKs.  

To qualify:

  • must be an MK
  • must have at least 1 parent attending the event



For more information contact:


Wilma Findlay

T| 519.669.1700





Marion Dicke


For 15 years Marion was part of an international Mobile Member Care Team ministering to mission leaders and workers across West Africa.  Currently Marion is a spiritual director, debriefer and member care consultant in Vermilion AB.


Becky Matchullis


Becky is an international Family Resilience Coach , currently based out of Calgary AB.    Becky’s passion is to see Missionary Families empowered to live from their strengths no matter what they face.  As an MK growing up in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Canada, Becky draws on her own experiences to help others.