Where to begin? I don’t know how to describe the incredible week I’ve just been through at a seminar for missionary kids coming back to Canada to stay. It was called ‘ReBoot’. And what a perfect name for what it was—a reboot, a new start, with fresh gusto. There’s no way to describe the immediate intimacy we felt, staff and kids alike, just because of the similar backgrounds we had: all of us aliens in our own ‘home’ countries. From Japan, Indonesia, Guinea, Brazil, Ecuador, Pakistan, Kenya and beyond, 10 missionary kids and 10 staff that were ex-missionary kids, met for a week of intensive debriefing.


I had no idea there was so much hurt, bitterness and anger inside me before I went. I didn’t know I was holding onto things from years ago, harbouring poisonous thoughts that were eating me up inside.


I can’t describe how the staff reached out, and with their loving honesty and patient listening, acted as God’s hands, coaxing the bitterness out of me. How do I explain the way they seemed to ask just the right questions, give the right kind of encouragement, and provide the perfect advice? We had sessions on grief, transition, spiritual discernment, relationships, security and more.


For the MKs attending, it was surprising to find that some of the stereotypes we were familiar with about us were exactly true, and that some were totally not. While we perfectly fit the mold for an MK, we are still, each of us, completely unique. I learnt that in the heart of a self-conscious, lonely, insecure MK, pride and arrogance is one of the deadliest and easiest sins. I learnt that first impressions can be completely deceiving, and good relationships in the West take lots of patience and time. I learnt that a ‘Hoser’ is a loser. I learnt that police in Canada can be trusted. I learnt that the West is SO tolerant of all religions, sexual orientations, and personal beliefs, and that it is extremely intolerant of expression of opinions. I learnt that getting rid of old grief and pain is glorious.


I can’t explain it all, the depth of spiritual renewal that I received, or the joy of being with people that completely understood, the laughing and crying…but I do know one thing. God was at work. We were told that there was a prayer network all around the world, praying for the success of the week, and I am convinced that God answered the prayers in His dependable, more than sufficient way.

Classic ReBoot - A Personal Reflection
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