Most of the comments received from care personnel, reflected a desire for “confidence” in provision of care, knowledge of how to provide the right care and how to connect with missionaries coming from very difficult situations, with complex needs and struggles.

This led us to develop a training day that would bring leadership from a vast network of agencies together in order to collaboratively focus on debriefing and the types of debriefing that can be used with missionaries and their families.

We also included practice time for skills and personal debriefing. 

Participants who attended the training appeared engaged and eager to learn, sharing in valuable conversations and fellowship throughout the day as they discussed this common passion, shared familiar questions, struggles, frustrations and needs.

We received positive and affirming feedback from the participants on the workshop, stating that the session was informative, practical, and relevant, all of which were targets we hoped to achieve in every Debriefing-101.


These are some of their reviews, written for the 2018 (BC and AB) and the 2019 (MB) workshops. Some have been redacted for clarity and names were concealed for privacy. May they help you to decide if Debriefing-101 is right for you! 

  • "I found the list of debriefing questions very useful. I will incorporate "The Transition Curve" even before missionaries leave. I found all the course very good."
  • "The course outline was very helpful and was very well implemented. A tremendous tool to aid people in their journey/ministry. I applaud the facilitators for putting it together in such a concise manner."
  • "I found it all being very helpful and will be implementing all of it in my practice from now on. The moderators were great and they knew their stuff. I appreciate how truly involved everyone was!"
  • "I loved being able to practice debriefing with another person plus the demonstrations. Registration was easy, the facility and the food were great.  More people need to know about this course!"
  • "I appreciate the fact of having so many people from my own province with a common purpose. Being personally debriefed  and being reminded of the prayerful/Holy Spirit leading aspects of debriefing was very useful. I have learned how to better personally prepare before debriefing. It was Excellent, well hosted."
  • "Very helpful resources for the short-term teams I lead each year! I liked the Cross Cultural Worker Stress Inventory most; that was priceless."
  • "This was a fantastic workshop! Thank you! So well done. Great contact, rapport, dialogue. A pleasure being together and getting to know both facilitators!"
  • "It was a very well organized presentation of information. I will incorporate developing a debriefing approach for our church (and my practice) that can be customized for returning missionaries. Great venue, excellent facilitation, very participatory. Well done!"
  • "Having had no previous experience, every skill learned and practiced were easy to understand. The exercises in self-reflection and active listening were very useful and helped me build my own self-confidence as a new debrieffer."
  • "I thought I knew so much but I have learned I am still in a learning curve of knowing how to care for our missionaries. I was equipped with many resources that I will start using right away. Thank you!"
  • "I wanted to make sure our team members are not left hanging when they return. I wanted to make sure they process their experiences very well and in a healthy way. I received all that and more. This has been so great. Thank you!"



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