Welcome to the MORE Network's Resources Page.


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Our resources are primarily for Cross-Cultural Workers, Third Culture Kids of all ages, Mission organization Member Care personnel, Church Mission leadership, and MK/TCK Education providers. MORE is relationally oriented, and desires to fully live out our statement:

“Ministry at the speed of relationships.”


M.O.R.E. provides you mainly with:

  1.  The MORE Network Resource Library: A library made by an array of information on the subject of Cross-Cultural Worker and Third Culture Kid member care and education, through various media resources (print, video, blog, books, etc.); and
  2.  The Mental Health Resource Library: A library composed by known and vetted Member Care professionals across Canada, who have personally experienced living and serving cross-culturally, are skilled in a variety of practices needed for CCW care (debriefing, counseling, coaching), and are trained in various assessment tools. 

  • The MORE Network Resource Library is freely available to everyone and anyone. There is no financial cost for this resource. We encourage and implore you to contribute to this library as it will be better when each one of us are contributors. Check it out HERE.
  • Access to the Mental Health Resource Library and it's Member Care professionals, requires you, or the organization you are working with, to be a member of the MORE Network. For more information on how your organization can do this, please email