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Virginia Ramunda-Marty

IT and Communications

... hi ...

...just joking... I am NOT shy... :D


Hi there! I am Virginia!

I am the latest addition to the MORE Network to help with Information Technology (I.T.), User Support and Communications! I was hired to replace Sharon... BIG SHOES to fill... let me tell you Sharon IS an AMAZING person and a better trainer. I miss her... :'(


I am originally from Argentina, meaning I am LATIN-AMERICAN. Meaning I love to chat about everything and anything, including politics and religion. You bet. There are no "taboo" topics for us latin-american people, on the contrary, we appreciate debate. We also believe in the power of laughter and, you guessed, we have NO PROBLEMS sharing our life story, struggles, downfalls and dreams. We also believe in hugging and kissing -on the cheek- strangers!  Sooooo.....  you have been warned! ;)



I have a couple of university degrees in Computer Sciences including teaching... thing I am passionate about since I love helping people. Other things I like are what North-Americans call "geeky stuff" like, Astronomy, Physics, Math, Optics and, of course, Video-games! (non-violent ones thou). I also LOVE Photography, Music, Dancing, Singing, and my latest love: GOD! Yup: I am a new Christian and I consider myself (finally!) at the beginning of the GREATEST adventure of my life which is to get to know the greatest Súper-Geeky mind in the Universe, the Inventor of all the Laws of Physics, designer of color frequencies and First Cell Programmer ever, among other things... Man, let me tell you: Yahweh ROCKS! and I am IN LOVE!!!


Location, location, location...

I live in British Columbia with my husband and children and I still CANNOT believe the amount of rain folks get here... I've been told "it's normal" but this is NOT NORMAL to ME... Therefore, "I ain't going out for a walk if it's raining" I'm not an earthworm so... forget it. You'll likely find me inside when the humidity level is above 70%... True.


I'm here for you not to hate technology

Now that you know who you are dealing with, If you have any issues logging in or using techy tools, LET ME KNOW. I SHOULD be able to help you out. ;)


Our Father's Love Letters

If you have any other issues, remember that "Bible" is also an acronym: "B.I.B.L.E: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth."


Shoot me an e-mail to say "Hi" or to yell "Help!" anytime at:


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