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Welcome to the MORE HOPE event. We have lots to share with you! Join us either Thursday June 3rd 7pm EST, or Thursday June 10th 7pm PST … we’ll worship together, hear stories, and you’ll be invited to get involved in practical ways of praising, praying, participating and giving.

Please register so we can respond to your questions, and connect you into one of our 2 evenings.

Sometimes we view cross-cultural workers as super-heroes. Well… they truly are amazing people, just like you! They’ve said yes to serving Jesus and He’s taken them up on their willingness.

Join us in working alongside them in 1, 2, 3 or all 4 areas of giving and receiving MORE HOPE:

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MORE Praise

Join us in praising the Lord for His faithfulness in your life, your family, your work, your community. 



Give Praise

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MORE Prayer

Pray with us anytime by following our monthly prayer bulletin and/or join us monthly from where you are by Zoom, every 4th Thursday at 1pm Pacific.


Give Prayer

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MORE Giving of Time

“How can I serve you?” is a question we ask mission orgs, churches, Cross-Cultural Workers, and TCKs. As you can imagine, there is a lot of work to be done. Please sign up HERE to donate your time and talents. 

Give Time

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MORE Giving of Funds

MORE Network is Faith-based and every $ God provides, is put to work through programs for cross-cultural workers and their children. Find "MORE-HOPE" packages 



We’re inviting you to join us for 90 minutes Thursday June 3rd at 7pm Eastern Standard Time, or Thursday June 10th at 7pm Pacific Standard Time … we’ll worship together, you’ll hear stories of what God is doing, and you’ll be invited to get involved in practical ways of GIVING & RECEIVING MORE HOPE. Register here, so we can send you more information about our time together.  At a time when many feel like they’re out of hope … tired of COVID … frustrated with the lack of freedom they once took for granted … we know we have reason to HOPE!




MORE Network is a ministry of reconciliation, working closely with mission sending organizations and mission sending churches across Canada, to care for and support cross-cultural workers (aka missionaries) and TCKs (aka kids of missionaries) in times of transition, especially when they are repatriating to Canada.

Please go HERE to learn more about M.O.R.E!