August Update – Outreach Canada and COVID-19

September 1, 2020

Dear Friends,

Many of our OC team members have managed to get some time off in August.  Whether it was hiking, camping, fishing, famlying, or just hanging out in the garden, it is good to get a break from all of the stress and challenges of working through COVID.  We are encouraging all of our team members to take their holiday time and make sure that they are taking care of themselves and their families.

Ministry has continued through the summer with lots of online training events, coaching sessions, and debriefing.  We are doing our best to support a lot of pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders through these changing times.  Most of our time has been dedicated to caring for the leaders with whom we have relationships. 

Most of our corporate chaplains have continued serving through the pandemic.  Many of the companies we serve have treated chaplaincy as an essential service.  Our chaplains have high demands on their time.  As many other support groups (AA, NA, etc.) are canceled due to COVID, our chaplains have been providing some of the support that people depend on.  Our chaplains also held an onsite memorial service for an employee who passed away in August.  They held two short services at the job site for two different shifts of workers, and they were able to minister to a lot of people who were experiencing a lot of hopelessness and despair.  Our chaplains have the unique opportunity to bring the presence of Christ into secular work environments.  They minister to hurting individuals and families every day.  Please pray for our team of chaplains as their workload continues to grow as the pandemic extends.  People are looking for support and hope.  Our chaplains can offer them Jesus.

Our IT department has been providing some assistance to churches and individuals who have been victims of cyberattacks.  Did you know that the volume of cyberattacks on Christian charities has been growing exponentially?  You may have heard about charities and nonprofit organizations that have had their information and databases compromised in recent months.  Outreach Canada takes many precautions to protect the data we have for our partners, team members, and financial supporters.  You should know that we do not save or store any of your banking or credit card information online or on our computers.  We only keep your contact information and giving history as required by Revenue Canada, and this is only accessible to our Executive Director, CFO, and Donor Care Administrator.  These individuals require dual authentication to log into our data.  Here is a note from our IT team:

Outreach Canada takes the security and privacy of our ministry partners, financial supporters, and team members very seriously. By law, we are required to, but that is not the primary reason for our concern. How we treat the information entrusted to us by you through our interactions is a reflection of our beliefs and who we serve. The Bible calls all of us to love each other in the same sacrificial and other-centered way that Jesus Christ modeled in His life. Respecting your privacy and protecting your security is one tangible way that we can live out what we believe.

We are keenly aware that some do not have this attitude.  Some are actively trying to access all of our information for their gain. We follow industry best practices and are using the best tools available to us to keep you and your information safe when dealing with Outreach Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us directly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.  We consider you to be a partner in our ministry.  Your prayers and support are vital to the ministry of OC and our mission in Canada.  I want to keep you informed as we continue through this challenging season of ministry.  In March, April, May, and June, I shared how we are adapting our work and some of the stories of how God is continuing to use our team.  Last month I focused more on how we are doing financially.  I want to be transparent with our partners and let you know our needs.  As we enter the fall, I will continue to share stories of how we are adapting and how God is working through our team.  I will also keep you informed of our financial, prayer, and other needs. 

One of our special needs today is support for one of our newest missionaries, Cristina Boersma.  Cristina is originally from Brazil but now lives in Ontario with her husband and two children.  Cristina is raising support for her work as the National Director of Loving Muslims Together (LMT).  This ministry is purely evangelistic as we provide resources, networking, and coaching for Canadians to share the gospel with Muslims in our country.  We hear amazing stories about transformed lives and families when people meet Jesus.  Cristina needs our help.  She is coordinating a national interdenominational network of people who are passionate about loving Muslims and sharing the gospel with them. 

OC typically experiences significant giving in December.  In fact, in most years, our December giving is twice that of other months.  Would you begin praying with us for generous giving in December?  All of our missionaries count on those special gifts to carry them into the new year.  We know that some of you are struggling in this uncertain economy.  I am praying for you that the Lord will continue to supply all of your needs with His abundant generosity and that you will experience His love and grace in your life despite our current circumstances.


In His grip,

Dr. Craig Kraft
Executive Director
Outreach Canada Ministries