What We Do

What We Do

Care & Support for You on Your Journey


Our Mission and Goals 
The MORE Network operates as a network of like-minded Canadian Christ-centered organizations committed to proactively providing member care to each others’ cross-cultural workers. We are comprised of mission sending and training organizations, churches, and a host of individuals. Together we agree to work collaboratively and collegially with each other, giving freely of our gifts and abilities (counselling, debriefing, nurturing, training, administration) as God has gifted us.  

Our Goals

  • Enabling strong life-long relationships with peers. 
  • Providing a place of support in times of transition.
  • Helping integrate, assimilate & acculturate into Canadian culture & environment in a healthy way.
  • Building deep relationships with trusted personnel.
  • Building trust in God for all He has promised. 
  • Assisting in practical life skills development relationally. 
  • Increasing personal self-awareness - focusing on personal strengths, dependency on God, family and peers 


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Canadian MK Network 
Are you an MK? Check-out our MK-focused ministries like our Classic ReBoot and Wilderness ReBoot transition retreats designed for college-age and young adult MKs. Plus, a family transition retreat – RE-VIEW – for MKs under 17. 

For MKs in their late teens transitioning to college/university/bible school or a gap year…Classic ReBoot is a week of fun activities, helpful training and building relationships with MKs who like you are in transition!  

For MKs ages 21-35 looking to be challenged, seeking to deepen their relationship with God and seek His direction…join us with God in the beauty of the Canadian back country wilderness.”. 

For MKs age 16 and younger a family transition retreat – RE-VIEW -  so no matter what your age, you can get connected. 

Stay tuned for a new updated CMKN website housed right here within the MORE Network.

For now, visit our ReBoot pages to find out more about these programs.  


Missionary Transition Retreats

Connecting missionaries on home service or repatriating to Canada with transition retreats being run across Canada. These are amazing opportunities for debriefing, reflection and further resourcing. 


Three Hills, AB

A period of reflection for individuals and families who work cross culturally.  

At this 5-day program you will meet others who understand the unique stressors and joys of missionary service and reentry. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your experiences, to consider the impact of events and relationships, to grieve the losses and disappointments, to explore the challenges of transition and to celebrate the successes. This is done in the context of discussions, personal reflection, group and individual debriefing and is led by experienced cross-cultural workers who ‘get it’.

There will be specialized sessions for all age groups that will enable the whole family to process their experiences. 

For more information and to register: GO HERE


Guelph/Cambridge, ON  

RE-VIEW is a five-day period of reflection for cross-cultural workers and their families in transition. Opportunity is given to process the missionary journey with experienced cross-cultural workers who care and to prayerfully consider re-entry and gain perspective on the next phase of life. This retreat is developed based on the principles acquired at Mission Training International's Consultation on Debrief and Renewal (CODAR) program in Palmer Lake, Colorado. 

For more information and to register: http://www.missionprep.ca/re-view

The Emmaus Journey 
Calgary, AB 

Honouring your story of cross-cultural ministry through reflection, retreat and debriefing. You will meet others who understand the unique stressors and joys of missionary service. Through reflection, prayer, conversation and activities you’ll have opportunity to reflect on your experiences, consider their impact, grieve losses, explore the challenges of transition and celebrate successes.  

Visit their website for more information on this program:



Training & Equipping

The MORE Network is passionate about agencies, churches and individuals working together to best care for the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our missionaries. To this end we partner with various organizations to provide training and equipping in identifying the gaps that exist in member care and the knowledge and resources needed to fill those gaps.  

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Missionary Care 

The MORE Network helps connect cross-cultural workers with experienced and well-equipped personnel who offer care and support in times of transition. Through a network of contacts, we refer people to ministries, organizations and individuals who offer services such as debriefing, counselling, prayer ministry, and even folks who are simply willing to lend a listening, empathetic ear.  

Contact us to find out how the MORE Network can help meet your needs.  


OASIS Retreats
A resting stop along the ministry journey. 

Oasis Leadership Ministries connects you with a cutting edge team of mentors for missionaries. When you are faced with some of the toughest times in your personal or ministry life, discerning your next steps for ministry, or simply wanting to keep up on your game by proactively checking on your spiritual, emotional, and relational well-being, having cutting edge people on your side makes all the difference. 

Check out our website at http://oasisretreatscanada.com/ for more details. 


Kerith Retreats 
Kerith Creek, AB & Kerith Pines, MB 


Take the time to pause and intentionally draw near to Christ as you experience renewal with insightful teachings, a restful schedule and a relaxing atmosphere. 

Surrounded by the calm of nature, our retreat centres offer the space to truly find stillness and our retreat schedule enables you to experience profound renewal in Christ. Since we understand the value of coming away, we set aside ample time for you to pray, reflect and let your mind slow down as you reconnect with God. 

Our desire at Kerith Retreats is that you experience real rest in God during your stay here and you leave empowered by the time away, the teaching and the one-on-one sessions with the program directors. 

Discover more about Kerith Retreats at