Who We Are
Who We Are

The MORE Network: A collaborative of Canada-wide organizations supporting CCWs and Third Culture Kids (TCKs) in cross-cultural transition and Member Care Workers.


Our Story

Our journey began in the summer of 2011 when God raised up groups of like-minded people across Canada to meet and discuss Missionary Member Care & Missionary Kid (MK) Member Care. At a meeting in Banff, AB many shared the challenges of providing Member Care alone, and the idea of a Network for sharing training, information and resources between all was birthed. This same summer, groups in eastern Canada and western Canada began meeting to discuss how to better support Canadian MKs. As core groups began to form across the country, much prayer, brainstorming and discernment of God’s leading surrounded these two emerging ministry ideas. 

In the summer of 2012, the western Canada group invited Paul Dyck, an adult MK in the process of support raising for Member Care Ministry, to lead their vision for MK support with the launch of the Canadian Missionary Kid Network (CMKN). The CMKN was launched in November with the primary goals of building an organization that was sustainable, and creating a re-entry retreat for college-aged MKs repatriating to Canada. 

As this ministry has continued to grow, our goals have expanded beyond our work with MK’s to include training, nurturing and resources for whole missionary families in transition as well as member care support staff. The title of Canadian Missionary Kid Network no longer fit with this larger mandate, and so was born the MORE Network (Missionary Opportunities for Resourcing and Equipping). While the ministry of the CMKN continues it has become one part of the broader ministry of the MORE Network. 

Right from its beginnings as the CMKN, it was apparent that sustaining this ministry could not be done on our own. We would need the active support and participation of key Canadian missions sending and training organizations; hence the creation of a network. As of the end of 2022, thirty three organizations have joined the network. The strength of this ministry is in the cooperation of people associated with many organizations Canada-wide, willingly working together, doing what we have not been able to do alone. In humility, in mutual submission, we serve together

Our wonderful staff, organized from our latest additions first and alphabetically after that.


Alicia Martin

Administrative Assistant / Member Care Consultant

Alicia has served in missions overseas and in Canada for 20 years along with her husband Brian and in Member Care since 2012.  Besides caring for their five kids, she serves with the MORE Network providing administrative support and hosting/caring for missionaries.

Contact Alicia:

Brian Martin

Member Care Consultant / Registered Psychotherapist


Brian provides shepherding, stress coaching, debriefing, and professional counseling.  He is is our latest addition and the director of 2022 Classic ReBoot ON. He will be involved as well with different workshops for us and with IMPACT for MissionPREP.

Contact Brian at:

Josh Gamble

CMKN Director


Josh is an MK from Bangladesh. Along with working as director for the CMKN (Canadian Missionary Kid Network), Josh is a pastor in Calgary at Capstone Church. He’s passionate about worship in music, training and mentoring people, and seeing Jesus transform lives.



Contact Josh:

Anna Marie Graham

Missionary & Clinical Counselor


Anna Marie has provided counseling and Member Care in Asia for 12 years in several locations. Her passion is to help missionaries and their families through grief, pain and loss while transitioning in and out of cross-cultural ministry.

Contact Anna Marie:

Ben Reed

Wilderness ReBoot Director


Ben has been in the cross-cultural-worker community for 30 years. He's an M.K. from Thailand and has served with his family in Kyrgyzstan from 1991 to 2001 and later as an Internship Director, Personnel Director and Member Care Manager.

Contact Ben:

Carol Dyck

Administrative Assistant


Carol provides support to Paul in  coordinating and hosting events, support raising and facilitating care for missionaries and their families. Carol loves to be around people; she understands transitions and has a huge heart for those in need. 

Contact Carol: 

Craig Kraft

Executive Director, Outreach Canada


Craig and his wife Heather served as pastoral couple in BC and Alberta for 16 years before Craig joined Outreach Canada (OC) in the area of Church health and revitalization. They served together for 3 years in southern Africa.

Contact Craig: 
604-952-0050, ext 300 

Diane Fietje



Diane serves with the MORE Network as a part-time administrator and full-time MK champion. Along with her husband Mike and their children, they spent 20 years in Peru with a mission organization serving children at risk.

Contact Diane at:

Judy Hunter



Judy and her husband, Lorne, have been with Outreach Canada for 28+ years.  Judy served for 1.5 years in Manila, Philippines as the Summer Team Evangelism Program (STEP) Field Director and five years sending summer teams from North America.

Contact Judy: 

Malik Dieleman

Digital Content Designer - ReBoot Staff


I'm Malik. I grew up as a MK in Marseille, France, London, Ontario, and Dakar, Senegal, and now live in Toronto! I know what it's like to transition back to Canada, and was fortunate to attend ReBoot in 2016, where I first heard of the MORE Network.

Contact Malik: 

Micah Ens

Classic ReBoot Co-Director / Mental Health Referrals


Micah is an MK himself and as a counselor, he works closely with Anna Marie Graham on the MORE Mental Health Referrals .He's also a Classic ReBoot Co-Director in 2022.

Contact Micah:

Mike Fietje

Interim National Director


Mike grew up as a missionary kid in SE Asia and along with his wife Diane and their 4 children, spent 20 years in Peru serving children at risk. They know how hard transitioning can be and are delighted to be able to help others in similar circumstances.

Contact Mike at:

Paul Dyck

Ambassador - Ex National Director


Paul provides Member Care support and resourcing to Canadian missionaries and their families. Paul grew up in India and is  experienced in Missionary Member Care, Training, Missions Pastor and Executive from the transportation and banking industry. 

Contact Paul:

Ruth and Mark Boughan

"Alongsiders" Ministry


Two 'finishers' (serving in retirement), providing support services to the MORE Network in Canada, and seeking short-term care ministry to cross-cultural workers around the world as Alongsiders.

Contact Ruth:
Contact Mark:

Virginia Ramunda-Marty

IT and Communications


Virginia grew up in Argentina were she got her degree as a Prof. in Computer Sciences. She moved to Canada in 2009 with her family. She's passionate about God and His people; she's a very outgoing jokester that enjoys deep talks about politics and sciences.

Contact Virginia:

Wilma Findlay

Missionary & Administrator


Wilma is the administrator of our Resource Library. She has 20+ years of cross-cultural experience from working overseas doing support and encouragement for missionary families. Her passion is to support, equip and encourage TCK children.

Contact Wilma: 


Our always expanding list of beloved Associates, organized alphabetically:


  1.     Becky Matchullis, MK, Mental Health Resource Library, Coach with MSC
  2.     Cassie Makinen, MK, Classic ReBoot Co-Director  
  3.     Chara Benson, MK, Classic ReBoot Co-Director, Teacher
  4.     Charles & Nicole Nowochin, Alberta MORE Chapter Leaders, Member Care Personnel with Crossroads Church
  5.     Charlie McCordic, MK, Staff, Teacher/Presenter, The Evangelical Alliance Mission, Professor, Emmanuel Bible College
  6.     Crystal Jullion, MK, RE-VIEW Co-Director, SIM Member Care Personnel
  7.     Harold Penner, Manitoba Chapter Co-Leader, Wycliffe MK Care Team, and Faith Academy Recruiter
  8.     Hazel Mayhew, RE-VIEW Co-Director, Counsellor
  9.     Jocelyn Frey, Ontario Chapter Advisory Council, MAF - Learning and Development Coordinator
  10.     Karen Block, MK, RE-VIEW Staff, CCW, Wycliffe
  11.     Karen Varela, Multi-Media Resource Library, CCW, WEC
  12.     Ken & Carolyn Benson, RE-VIEW, MissionPREP
  13.     Lisa Beiderwieden, Communications, Marketing & Operations Manager, ACTS for Water
  14.     Lyndon Dojohn, Church Mission Leaders Network, Church Partnership Director, Global Aid Network
  15.     Lyndon Wall, Church Mission Leaders Network, Leader, Refresh Ministries
  16.     Marilyn Schlitt, MK, Training, Centre & Training Development Coordinator, OMF
  17.     Marion Dicke, Debriefing 101, RE-VIEW staff, Member Care Facilitator, Trainer & Debriefer
  18.     Michael Lodge , Ontario Chapter Advisory Council, Pioneers - Director of Member CareOntario Chapter Advisory Council, Pioneers - Director of Member Care
  19.     Michele Phoenix, MK, Teacher/Presenter, MK Champion, Global Outreach Mission/MissionGO
  20.     Paul Hooper, RE-VIEW, Retired, Wycliffe
  21.     Robert Erion, RE-VIEW Staff, Retired Field Leader, OMF
  22.     Sheldon & Laurie Rempel, MK, B.C. Chapter Leaders, Member Care & Church Relations, Avant
  23.     Stephen Parr, Manitoba Chapter Co-Leader, Counselor, Recovery of Hope
  24.     Sharon Wicker, MK, MORE MK Education Network, Education Consultant for SEND International
  25.     Shelly Lyons, Resource, MK Research, Professor with Crandall University