The MORE Network: A Collaborative of Canada-wide organizations supporting missionaries in cross-cultural transition.


Our Story

Our journey began in the summer of 2011 when God raised up groups of like-minded people across Canada to meet and discuss Missionary Member Care & Missionary Kid (MK) Member Care. At a meeting in Banff, AB many shared the challenges of providing Member Care alone, and the idea of a Network for sharing training, information and resources between all was birthed. This same summer, groups in eastern Canada and western Canada began meeting to discuss how to better support Canadian MKs. As core groups began to form across the country, much prayer, brainstorming and discernment of God’s leading surrounded these two emerging ministry ideas. 

In the summer of 2012, the western Canada group invited Paul Dyck, an adult MK in the process of support raising for Member Care Ministry, to lead their vision for MK support with the launch of the Canadian Missionary Kid Network (CMKN). The CMKN was launched in November with the primary goals of building an organization that was sustainable, and creating a re-entry retreat for college-aged MKs repatriating to Canada. 

As this ministry has continued to grow, our goals have expanded beyond our work with MK’s to include training, nurturing and resources for whole missionary families in transition as well as member care support staff. The title of Canadian Missionary Kid Network no longer fit with this larger mandate, and so was born the MORE Network (Missionary Opportunities for Resourcing and Equipping). While the ministry of the CMKN continues it has become one part of the broader ministry of the MORE Network. 

Right from its beginnings as the CMKN, it was apparent that sustaining this ministry could not be done on our own. We would need the active support and participation of key Canadian missions sending and training organizations; hence the creation of a network. As of the end of 2017, twenty-eight organizations have joined the network. The strength of this ministry is in the cooperation of people associated with many organizations Canada-wide, willingly working together, doing what we have not been able to do alone. In humility, in mutual submission, we serve together. 

MORE Network Staff

Paul Dyck


Paul provides Member Care support and resourcing to Canadian missionaries and their families.Paul grew up in India and has experience in Missionary Member Care and Training as an Executive and Missions Pastor, as well as in the transportation and banking industry. 

Paul and Carol have been married for 40+ years live in Abbotsford, BC. Their son and his family live nearby. 

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Carol Dyck

Administrative Assistant

Carol provides support to Paul in hosting, support raising, coordinating events, and facilitating care for missionaries and their families. Raised in a pastor’s family, Carol loves to be around people, understands transitions, and has a huge heart for those in need. 

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Craig Kraft

Executive Director, Outreach Canada Ministries, Inc

Craig and his wife Heather have 4 sons and live in Delta, BC. Together they served as pastoral couple in BC and Alberta for 16 years before Craig joined Outreach Canada (OC) in the area of Church health and revitalization. They served together for 3 years in southern Africa before Craig took the role of Executive Director of Outreach Canada in 2008. 

OC is a mission of coming alongside others with support and encouragement, coaching and resources. OC’s purpose is to accelerate the fulfilling of the Great Commission through the Body of Christ through serving leaders and discipling nations. OC’s ministry focuses in three areas: the Church, the Canadian marketplace, and international partnerships. 

Contact Craig: 
604-952-0050, ext 300


Anna Marie Graham

Missionary & Clinical Counsellor

Anna Marie, married to Doug for 40+ years, has 2 children and several grandchildren and lives in Vancouver, BC. She has provided counselling and Member Care in Asia for 12 years in several locations. Her passion is to help missionaries and their families through grief, pain and loss while in various stages of transition. She understands just how difficult it can be transitioning in and out of cross-cultural ministry. She holds a nursing degree (BScN) and counselling degrees (Master of Arts in Counseling) and is recognized as a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Canadian Certified Counsellor. 

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Wilma Findlay

Missionary & Administrator

Wilma and her husband Alan have one daughter and live in Elmira, ON. They understand cross-cultural ministry from first hand experience working overseas. Now after 20+ years of experience in missionary encouragement and support, Wilma’s passion is providing care and support for children who have grown up in a cross-cultural environment. She gives of herself in ReBoot registration and administration, as a resource person building the Resource Library, as well as an advisor and an encourager. 

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Sharon Macfarlane

MK & Staff

Sharon is a second-genereation missionary kid who grew up in Mexico and moved to Canada in her junior high years. With teaching experience, working on the Personnel team at SEND International, and a wonderful ability in communications, Sharon provides administrative support on the website and other social media, assists in communications, and encourages the team with laughter and jovial banter. She lives in Langley, BC and is completing her MA in Counseling Psychology at Trinity Western University.

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Judy Hunter


Judy and her husband, Lorne, have been with Outreach Canada for 26+ years. As of September 2018, Judy joined MORE Network to provide Administrative Assistance. Prior to marrying Lorne and moving to Canada, Judy served for 1.5 years in Manila, Philippines as STEP (Summer Team Evangelism Program) Field Director and five years sending summer teams from North America overseas with OC International (sister organization to Outreach Canada). Judy and Lorne have two adult children that live in Vancouver, BC.

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Lisa Beiderwieden


Lisa has been a team member of the Canadian MK Network since its inception. Her creative talent, outgoing personality, strategic mindset, and caring heart has been instrumental in effectively serving MKs and Missionaries. Lisa serves fulltime with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission (13 years) and provides leadership as the Manager of Missionary Care. She oversees and facilitates care for all EFCCM missionaries and their families world-wide. 

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Ken & Carolyn Benson


Ken and Carolyn are involved in preparing new missionaries for cross-culture ministry in cooperation with EMCC World Partners and MissionPREP in Toronto, Ontario.Their 13 years of experience as missionaries in Portugal, and their training as teachers, has equipped them to help organize and facilitate courses, as well as mentor and encourage the missionary families they serve who are preparing to move cross-culturally. Ken and Carolyn work as with other facilitators offering programs in culture and ministry orientation, as well as language acquisition. The Bensons also serve as the Directors of RE-VIEW - a missionary transition retreat available to couple, singles, and whole missionary families that came into existence through their partnership with the MORE Network.


Michèle Phoenix, MK Champion

MK/TCK Advocate with Global Outreach Mission

We are grateful to have Michèle as part of our team, serving with us as a speaker and an amazing resource as we support MKs across Canada. Born in France to a Canadian father and an American mother, Michèle Phoenix is an international writer and speaker with a heart for MKs. She taught for 20 years at Black Forest Academy (Germany) before launching her own ministry advocating for TCKs (Third Culture Kids). She now travels globally to consult and teach on topics related to this unique people group. She loves good conversations, mischievous students, Marvel movies and French pastries.



Lizzy Wiley


Lizzy grew up in Pakistan with her parents and siblings. After graduating she moved to Canada where we first met at ReBoot Ontario. She just completed her third year of nurses training and is engaged to be married. Lizzy served as our nurse at ReBoot 2017 Alberta, and writes for the MORE Network and the CMKN. 

Contact Lizzy at:


Ben Reed

Wilderness ReBoot Director

Ben and Marlene have 3 children and live in Edmonton, AB. Ben’s deep love for God is evident in his caring for missionaries and their children. Ben’s childhood in Thailand and adult service as a missionary with his family to Kyrgyzstan has served him well in understanding MK’s, cross-cultural workers, and how impactful transitions can be in their lives. He coordinates Missionary Care and provides Spiritual Direction at Urban Sanctuary. 

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Tash Ingram

ReBoot AB Co-Director

Tash’s involvement and love for ministry to young people spans the last 12 years. Seeing teens and young adults walk in the love of Christ was expanded to TCK’s when she met her husband Jordan (TCK from West Africa). Transition is a familiar state for Tash from growing up in a very dynamic blended family. She loves to see MK’s and TCK’s seek Jesus in the complex and dark questions, and to discover their identity and the depth of God’s love. Mom to Elle, lover of the outdoors, all things dirty and active, coffee, red lipstick, and goats are my favorite!


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Heather Ann Braun

ReBoot AB Co-Director

Growing up as a MK in Russia, Heather Ann's love and appreciation for MKs goes all the way back to discovering these people who really "got" her. She is passionate about discipling people in following Jesus and helping them thrive while living life with a good dose of fun too. Heather Ann loves hearing and helping MKs discover their own stories, learn a lot of cool things about being an MK, and find some tools for living with the sometimes not-so-fun parts. Wife to self-titled "MCK" (monocultural kid) Adam, Heather Ann enjoys kickboxing, hiking, baking, and starting (and occasionally finishing) many domestic projects. 

Contact Heather Ann at:


Shelly Lyons

ReBoot ON Director

Shelly and her husband Shane live in Oxford NS.  She has been serving with Wycliffe Canada for over 10 years.  God has placed a deep passion to serve missionary families (TCKs in particular) in her heart and He has given her amazing opportunities to put this passion into practice: director of multiple family Re-entry retreats, facilitator of multiple re-entry transition seminars for teens, and director and facilitator for TCK programs in their host countries.  Each opportunity solidifies the calling God has placed on her life: to love TCKs and provide help and support as they process their experiences. 

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