With hope and love, we want to share our current position on COVID-19.

Hope, as we’re people of hope!

Love, as we love our Lord and Saviour and love for you, as He has given us relationship.

While we recognize the many steps being taken to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and continue to monitor the situation, by faith we are moving forward with plans for all of our programs (Debriefing 101 AB in May and Wilderness ReBoot, Classic ReBoot and RE-VIEW WEST this summer).

We will respectfully adhere to the government and medical advisories (Federal and Provincial) and will follow their recommendations on a day to day basis. This will include recommendations about public gatherings, travel, and quarantines.

Please hold off purchasing any airline tickets until we communicate with you further after April 15.

We are in prayer for each one of you by name.

Praising Him and knowing His hand is on your lives!

The MORE Network Team