ReBoot Attendees Tell-All

 Get the scoop on their personal experience right from the mouths of ReBoot-ers.


Highlights of this week included…

  • Lots of crazy and fun activities!

  • Hiking in the mountains

  • The ReBoot Amazing Race

  • Scavenger hunt in the mall

  • Being outdoors and being active
  • Tubing and cliff jumping
  • Ropes course


  • Good food!
  • Never a dull moment: “I never got bored!”
  • Times of worship in the mornings
  • Worship service by the river.
  • All the great teaching in the sessions – they were so open, honest and applicable.
  • Learning about the necessity of a transition that is slow, careful, honest, transparent, and relational.
  • The small group feedback and discussion times that helped me process what I was learning. 
  • Hanging with MK’s and staff. 



If a younger MK friend asked about ReBoot,

I would say…

“ReBoot gives him or her a chance to form deep friendships through fun and interactive activities both inside and outside of the classroom.”

“It is an open environment where one can share, be oneself, ask questions.”

“It’s a warm and open environment with a loving Christian community dedicated to addressing issues that might hold you back when you re-enter Canadian culture.”

“…you will benefit and learn a lot from these people who are here to help you feel safe and comfortable around new places and your transition journey.”

“ReBoot is the only program of its kind and I ultimately think that has been highly valuable to my transition back to Canada. I highly recommend it to other MKs transitioning back to Canada.”


In short we would say:

 “GO!”     “They need to do it.”     “Totally recommend it!”     "Just do it!”


About the people you meet…


  • “It is a good place to make friends who will want to get to know you.”
  • “[I] developed some really great relationships [and] also felt so comfortable here!”
  • “[I loved] meeting a lot of MKs like me, who understand what I am going through and are willing to talk, share, and listen.”
  • “[I loved] meeting all of the people and everyone being willing to share and be real with each other.  It was wonderful getting to know everyone and I felt like we connected with each other.”
  • “[T]he leaders were so open to help, listen, share, and talk.  It was very special to know that I could go to one of the leaders at any time for help."


Have you been in Canada a few years already?

I learned a lot about myself and the struggles and joys of being an MK, tools for dealing and coping and learning to be okay with the grief. And, I got to know 20 other, amazing MK's! It was really encouraging and challenging to hear from them; though their stories, ages and...maturity...may be different. As MK's we can connect with others on levels of incredible depth! Don't let age be a deterrent to that!

Are you older than 18? .....  Me too!

I went to ReBoot last summer at the ripe old age of 20. I had been in Canada for 8 years before attending ReBoot. Yes, most of the participants were young and fresh to Canada. experience was awesome!

Join the family at ReBoot!! :)


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