More MKs testimonies of their experience at Classic ReBoot.

ReBoot had an amazing impact on me through the community and friendships I found while learning so much more about myself. I realized many of my personal characteristics were the same as that of other MKs. The training and support we were provided about starting life in Canada was really helpful.

I was able to express how I really felt.  I think home for me will always be in East Asia. It’s where I grew up and where I feel most ‘at home.’ Yet, it pains me to say that I don’t feel I will ever belong there completely.” Many of us MKs feel the same way. We’re returning “home” to the foreign, sometimes unnerving, land of Canada. ReBoot helped ease my transition by offering us a crash course in Canadian culture and provided us the chance to meet and befriend other MKs.

I expected to be able to relate to Canadians, to easily relate to them given the lack of language barrier.  But, once I landed I found that wasn’t the case at all. I found I was in agony to be so lost, confused, and feeling socially awkward. But I didn’t have to face these struggles alone. ReBoot connected me with others working through the same issues and helped me let go of the perceived need to prove myself. Reboot explained me. I realized this was not the end of us but rather some uncomfortable experiences with a positive future.


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