What MK's Are Saying...

MK #1:

"It was absolutely time well spent, I just wish I could have spent more time there…Words cannot express the rate at which friendships were built and deepened over the course of that one week. I have never felt so close to people I have known for so little time. The only complaint I have is that it is so short. I understand that it is more practical to have a shorter event, but more time would have been welcome. There was a wealth of knowledge and experience that the staff were eager to share with us, but unfortunately we were limited by time. They pack so much into the one week - each day felt like several - and yet, there were times when I regretted the end of a session as I felt that the speaker had more to share."


MK #2:

"IT WAS AWESOME! Totally worth it, so do it if you can! I hope to help out in the future." 

MK #3:

"Go, but the best part is the people and relationships, not the other stuff."

MK #4:

"ReBoot is the only program of its kind and I ultimately think that has been highly valuable to my transition back to Canada. I highly recommend it to other MKs transitioning back to Canada."

MK #5:

"I learned so much here and developed some really great relationships.  I also felt so comfortable here!"

MK #6:

"You will regret not coming if you had the option because the staff are there to support you, and whether you think you need help or not, you will at least get to hang out with similar-thinking MKs."

What MKs are saying... (Part II)
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