I had a life-giving experience at Blue Bronna in July 2018. I felt that the camp was paced and organized just for what I needed. There were group meals (all cooked over an outdoor grill), morning meditation, alone time and a physical challenge in the afternoon. In the evening we had a sharing time around the fire where we took turns telling our stories. This was one of the parts I enjoyed most; profound times of vulnerability and listening.

The whole week I had a feeling that I haven't experienced for years; it was that feeling of letting down my guard, participating in conversation and connecting with the other MKs within hours of meeting them for the first time. It was a relief to join in the conversation topics of this group compared with the attempts at conversation I make in other settings. We talked about ethnic foods, geography, languages, funny habits we've picked up around the world, cultures, family and other themes that were familiar to us.

I can't neglect to mention the beautiful, refreshing setting because we were camped in a pine forest on the bank of a clear icy mountain stream. And the tents we slept in and ate our meals under were made of logs and canvas.

During the week I recall feeling safe, appreciated, and a sense of belonging.

Testimonies - Ruth
Created by sharon on 10/26/2019 5:46:57 AM