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Dear friends

I am delighted to welcome you to find out more about Wilderness ReBoot.  I hope you can join us for 5 full days in the mountains.  I am so thankful for Wilderness Reboot and the many connections that are being made. 

I want to encourage you to look up Wilderness Reboot on Facebook where I am now posting once a week to update everybody on what I have been thinking and also some pictures from past Wilderness ReBoots.  The address for our page is www.facebook.com/wildernessreboot

What do we do?

  1. We UNPLUG from the internet and phone service world.  We come apart by ourselves in a beautiful place to literally get away from civilization.   We shut out the noise.  The beauty of the mountains is uplifting and wonderful. We enjoy some amazing outdoor wilderness activities like hiking, back country horse riding, rappelling, and enjoying the mountain scenery.
  1. We REFOCUS attention on God.  Whatever relationship with God you find yourself in is welcome.  We are all on a spiritual journey.  We will have short Bible centered talks.  We also give guidance for daily 60-90 minute times set aside to practice solitude with a journal and pen or sketch book and Bible in the beauty of the mountains.   We give you time to practice honest forthright prayer.  We value your privacy. 
  1. We tell our PERSONAL STORIES to one another.  We all (staff included) tell part of our story in 20 minutes to the whole group.  You are 100% in charge of what you share or don’t share. Mk’s have similar connecting points and it’s a powerful thing to listen to someone else’s story.  Further instructions are given to help craft it.  It’s a listening exercise for the group to listen well and validate the unique experience of the person who shares.  We want to see friendships start that last for years ahead.  We desire everyone to understand that they are not alone in finding their way in Canada. 
  1. We will REFLECT on discerning our fit for our gifts and abilities in Canada. 
  1. I offer FOLLOW-UP by What’s app or video chat with any who wish to keep talking and connecting after Wilderness reboot! 

Please email questions through the Facebook page or through breed@outreach.ca 


Urban Sanctuary / Missionary Care

“Wilderness Reboot “program director. 

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