Classic ReBoot is an annual retreat that focuses on getting MKs together and talking openly about the challenges that come with beginning adult life in Canada. 


What you'll learn at ReBoot

At the retreat, MKs discover a safe place to share their life stories and learn how to address 3 specific challenges MKs face:


1. Canadian culture:

MKs get a crash course in what it means to be Canadian. Through games, trips and challenges the MKs learn about things such as:

  • learning their way around Canadian transit systems,

  • finding out how to open a bank account,

  • jobs and employment in Canada,

  • church, faith and spirituality in Canada,

  • Canadian food classics (i.e., Tim Horton's, poutine and beaver tails),

  • and the list goes on


​2. Identity:

MKs get to explore:

  • what it means to be themselves,

  • what's unique to people who grow up between two different cultures,

  • how to answer when someone asks them where they’re from,

  • and how they can retain their MK-ness and still find acceptance and belonging in Canada.

3. Transition:

MKs learn the reality of transition:

  • they learn about the relationship between loss and grief,

  • these feelings are normalized and taught as a natural response to an international move,

  • and space is provided to help the MKs begin to process these feelings in healthy ways.

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