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The MORE Network and the Canadian MK Network deeply value working together to accomplish more than we could do on our own. As the Body of Christ across Canada we value collaborating with many sending churches and mission organizations towards the growth and flourishing of Cross-Cultural Workers Third Culture Kids.

We have many meaningful ways in which you can become a part of this wonderful and always growing ministry! Whether it be giving or receiving or both, we want you to experience the same level of joy and fulfillment we do!

Please click each section for a brief explanation of some ideas but, of course, we are open to hear yours :) 


We're here for you. Many of us have been through the experiences of life overseas and the return to Canada. We understand the need for support. We offer the opportunity for you to connect with other cross-cultural workers who are going through the same life experiences. In a supportive, caring environment we connect you with experienced and qualified personnel who will capably support you through your transition journey.


Praying is such a subtle but powerful thing to do! One of the greatest gifts we give is when we pray for one another. We’ll connect you where a local chapter exists for you to join and pray together. We also have online prayer sessions for when a local chapter is not accessible, or where you’d rather keep your physical distance.


We are always doing something! In the retreats, workshops or events we offer, we are always looking for those who will present, teach, train others, as well as help in key areas. All of this draws us together as we celebrate God's love made evident through His work in our lives.


Almost all of our staff raise support enabling them to serve others through this ministry. We give to this ministry ourselves, while inviting you to consider joining us in supporting this work. By giving, you help and positively impact the lives of so many. In their name we say THANK YOU.

You can go HERE or contact Donor Services for more info.


We know your time is precious and as such, we are so grateful you are considering us to be the recipients of it. We promise you that, if you decide to donate a little -or a lot- of your beautiful God given skills to this ministry, we know it will bring you a warm sense of belonging, camaraderie and a lot of fulfillment.


We believe Stronger Together is the way to go. We invite individuals, sending churches and mission organizations to join the MORE Network, partnering in this beautiful work. We accomplish more when we work together. We witness the hand of God in all we do. While we are not surprised, we are humbled and in awe as we witness organizations willing to join together in this way. We are grateful for the gift of networking with like-minded people and invite you to let us know of your interest. Please contact Paul Dyck for more information.


Being in “the know” makes a big difference between missing or not an opportunity for either yourself or the people you care for. Please click HERE to see which of our subscription lists you want to be on!