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Onsite/In-person Classic ReBoot has been cancelled for 2020.

We will NOT be running Classic ReBoot this summer due to COVID-19.

Our leadership feels we best serve MKs and families by postponing Classic ReBoot to July and August next year, AND by offering resources and support in the interim.

We WILL be building community, offering resources as well as providing a helpline for MKs who are registered for Classic ReBoot.

God willing, we WILL host 2 Classic ReBoots next year. One in Ontario in July and one in Alberta in August, both coinciding with RE-VIEW ON and RE-VIEW AB.

Click here for more information on Classic PRe-Boot and other ways we will be supporting each and every MK in transition as we go forward.

The MORE Network Team



Led by MKs for MKs, Classic ReBoot is a crash course in Canadian culture and a safe place to build relationships with others as part of easing the transition 'home' from the field.


If you’d like to invite your sibling to join you and they are 16 or 21 years-old, let them know we’d consider their application!



Is Classic ReBoot right for you?

Growing up overseas provides a rich cross-cultural experience for children whose parents serve as international workers. Often overlooked, however, are the social identity and other life challenges that MKs and other third culture kids (TCKs) can encounter when the time comes to transition back into Canadian life and culture after spending most of their childhood abroad.

  • You have spent a year or more between the ages 0-18 living cross-culturally.
  • Your parents served as international/cross-cultural workers or tentmakers.
  • You are moving 'back' to Canada or have moved 'back' in the last few years.
  • You want to experience an incredible week connecting with like-minded young people with similar life experiences.
  • You could use a crash course in this crazy thing called 'Canadian culture'. 
  • A week of fun (and sometimes challenging) activities sounds great! 

What is Classic ReBoot?

Classic ReBoot: vb [riːˈbuːt] to restart (a computer) by loading the operating system; boot again

As an MK, your life has been full of incredible opportunities, cross-cultural experiences and multiple transitions. Perhaps one of the biggest transitions you’ll face is coming back to Canada to study, work, or enjoy a gap year.

At Classic ReBoot, you’ll build new relationships with fellow MKs; find a safe place to share what’s on your heart, discuss common challenges, and be equipped to thrive in your transition.

Through sports, outdoor activities, relationships and teaching, we’ll help you:

  • ReView and celebrate your past experiences as an MK; 
  • ReFresh through worship, fun activities, and meaningful interaction;
  • and empower you to ReEnter and transition to Canadian life and culture with understanding and confidence.

Want to know more about what you'll learn?


(a little cultural quote from Star Trek) 

Many MKs came to ReBoot with a sense of hesitancy, not knowing what to expect.  And every year we have a few that come with resistance, not wanting to attend Classic ReBoot at all. 

But, without fail,  by the end of the week, none of the Classic ReBoot-ers want to leave. 

They have learned, grown and forged strong relationships built on love, acceptance, and common life experiences.

But don't take our word for it.

Check out this video testimony and our written testimonies and hear from Classic ReBoot-ers themselves.


Classic ReBoot
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